Membership Application/Renewal Form

Please note that full membership is available only to former sitting Members of Legislative Assembly. Associate (non-voting) membership is offered to current MPPs.

You can simply fill in the form below and submit it online. If you prefer to send it by fax or regular mail, please print out the PDF version of the form.

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I wish to join/renew full membership in the Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians.
I am currently a sitting member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly and wish to become an associate member.
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I would like to join/renew for:  
1 year at $50.00    2 years at $100.00      3 years at $150.00  
I would also like to contribute $500.00 to become a Lifetime Cornerstone Member of OAFP.

Please send a cheque payable to:

The Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians,
Room 1612, Whitney Block,
99 Wellesley St. West,
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A2.

Thank you for your participation and support!