Interprovincial Meetings

Back in 2003, our Founding Chair, the late Rev. Derwyn Shea, began to compile a list of organizations, like OAFP, which represented the former parliamentarians in other provincial and national assemblies. Armed with that list, Derwyn built connections with those Associations, with a view to sharing experiences and best practices and building the framework for what would, hopefully, be a pan-Canadian or even a global association of groups of former members of provincial or state legislatures.

For over a decade, we have been building an increasingly strong connection with Associations in Quebec, Manitoba and, more recently, Alberta and British Columbia. Once a year, we hold a meeting to which representatives from each Association are invited and asked to report on their previous year's activity. As a result of these meetings, we've obtained excellent ideas on how to better serve our members and how to better focus our efforts to promote parliamentary democracy.

The most recent gathering was held in connection with our own Annual General Meeting, on October 17, 2018, in Toronto.

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